Trade Exchange

We help to sell excess products and unused time within our network and the networks of our international partners. Our clients trade what they have with what they need. Saving cash is easy.

Trough MyFugger weo perate a B2B trading network designed to grow your business and your profits. Grow your customer base and turn excess stock or wasted capacity into value.

Users of MyFugger are able to improve profits and reduce expenses in their business just through the exchange of excess goods or filling idle capacity through an online trading platform. MyFugger turns wastage and downtime into viable assets.

MyFugger works like a bank, providing control, record keeping, and administration for your activities. Direct trading often becomes cumbersome at record-keeping time. With MyFugger convenient clearinghouse concept, there's no need to keep track of the credits. MyFugger uses state-of-the-art technology to track all of your sales and purchases with an easy-to-read itemized monthly statement.

Increased Sales
Improved Cash Flow
Move Excess Inventory
Fill Idle Production Time
Wholesale Buying Power
Increased Profitability


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