Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Using MyFugger you can purchase advertising, make renovations, undertake new promotions, reward customers, incentivize staff and offset other cash expenses by trading ‘future meal credits’ or by including MyFugger as a way to increase your current sales.

It acts as a centralized marketplace for the exchange of goods and services, allowing its participants to engage in virtually any type of trade while eliminating the complication of direct transactions.

As a seller, your restaurant would receive part of your sales in cash (between 0-30%) with the balance being paid in credits towards the goods or services you needs.

When it comes to spend you make purchases in credits within system and pay only a small portion in cash.

Your fees to MyFugger are technically paid for out of the cash received from those members who buy your gift vouchers or pay using their smart payement options.

An example transactions

Let’s say your restaurant wants to buy € 1400 worth of advertising on the local radio station which is also a user of MyFugger.

As a user all you need to do sell a set amount of meals to other commerce partners in the form of your own gift certificates (future sales) or by accepting the MyFugger payments (at point of sale).

You receive some cash (to cover sales-tax and our fees) directly from the buyers at the time you sell – even though, in the case of gift certificate sales, you may not yet be supplying the meals. The balance is received in credits within the Ormita system.

To buy you simply transfer €1400 in MyFugger credits to the radio station and complete the purchase.

You now have €1400 in advertising at a cost of between 30% - 50% (the raw material cost to make the meals) and you have instant cash in your hand for sales tax and your MyFugger fees now.

It introduces new customers to your establishment, creates referral business, affords you new ways to expand without putting any of your existing cash at risk and lets you buy at a discount.

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