Increase Retail & Wholesale Customers

If you are like most retail outlets then you have a standard list of goods and services that you purchase on a regular basis to keep your business afloat. By signing up to MyFugger you can offset these overheads against new sales we bring you.

Whether you run a branch store or a family-owned-business the chances are that you have competitors nearby.

Traditionally you might consider lowering your sale price on certain product lines, offering prizes or giving away gifts to get new customers through your doors.

It offers a new way for you to generate more sales, create new promotional campaigns and grow your business without putting any of your cash at risk.



An amazing opportunity to reduce your overheads

Let’s imagine that every month you spend a total of € 5,000 on book-keeping, printing, newspaper advertising, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance, uniforms, gifts-with-purchase and staff supplies.

Right now these expenses are paid directly out of your existing cash revenues.

What if you could offset these costs against new sales and save your cash?
What if you could increase your overall marketing and promotional budget to bring more cash-paying customers through your doors without affecting your existing cashflow?

A list of each of your regular purchases and upcoming expenses will be created. Next, MyFugger finds you suppliers who will sell you the same, or similar, products and services you are buying now.

The difference is that you do not have to pay for these with cash. Instead these businesses are paid in credits that you earn from the sales you make to other users. You trade goods and services you need for products that you have.

You even receive a certain percentage of every sale in cash to cover your replacement cost, Sales Tax/GST/VAT and any fees to MyFugger.


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